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St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Pub

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Last night, a group of students got together in the Irish Pub „Finnegans“ to discuss and celebrate the Irish national holiday „St. Patrick’s Day“ which is to take place next Tuesday on March 17th.


FullSizeRender 18We learnt a lot about the history of St. Patrick, myths and legends surrounding the patron saint, facts and history of the holiday and music and culture of Ireland.

The information was first introduced and then quizzed in The Great Pub Quiz on St. Patrick’s Day, where two teams duelled each other in the categories mentioned above.

The winning group got a free round of drinks! Tasty!

FullSizeRender 27After the pub quiz, we learnt something about a very old strategic Irish Tafl Game called „Brandubh“ and got the opportunity to play the game ourselves. It is a fascinating mixture of Chess and Nine Men’s Morris.

The group talked a lot in English and had a wonderful evening together!