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American Brunch at the Route 66

IMG_2079This past Sunday a mixed group from all the different English courses came together for a wonderful American Brunch at the Route 66 Diner.

We enjoyed the especially large brunch offer with its enormous variety and practiced our English skills along the way.


We talked about many different topics, including of course Halloween, which is coming up on 31 October this Thursday. Did you know that Halloween actually means „All Hallows Evening (Eve)“ and is the evening before what we call „Allerheiligen„?

IMG_2090If not, then yesterday would have been very interesting for you as well!

Try not to miss our next event where you can experience the same amount of fun and learning as during this event.

All the participants liked the great „all you can eat“ buffet and ate a lot of different dishes.

At the same time, they were able to practice their English speaking and listening skills because we did everything in English – ordering, talking, discussing, paying – and tried to improve and help each other when words were missing.

It was a great experience and as always a lot of fun!

For more pictures of the event, see the gallery!

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A real American Dinner!

IMG_2025Last Tuesday the advanced beginners enjoyed a special session at the home of a couple of participants!

We wanted to explore the American kitchen and find out if there is really more to it than hamburgers and sandwiches.


And the result? Surprise, surprise!! The American kitchen actually has more to offer than fast food!

Two participants of our class invited us to their home and cooked (with little help from the rest of the group) a three-course-dinner for everyone!

IMG_2018The American dinner included:

Appetizer: Pumpkin Cream Soup

Main Course: Texas Jailhouse Chili with Avocado Cream Dip and Coleslaw Salad

Dessert: Apple Pie and Donuts


The whole meal was delicious and very tasty! Everybody enjoyed the food and the great hospitality of our hosts!

We also tried to talk in English as much as we could the whole evening and had some great discussions on the songs and their lyrics we listened to after the meal!

We tried to understand what the artists were singing and then read the songtexts and translated them into German.

It was a wonderful evening with a lot of great food, amazing people and plenty of English!!

For more photos of this event please see the gallery.